Yes, we know Jada Pinkett-Smith for multiple critically-acclaimed films however this is my favorite Jada film next to Low Down Dirty Shame. Also starring Tommy Davidson (Tim) the two are setup on a blind “hell date” by Claudette, Woo’s cousin (played Paula Jai Parker) and her boyfriend Lenny (played by Dave Chappelle). Woo takes him on a run for his money from getting him beat up by an ex-boyfriend to nearly burning down a restaurant. The girl was wilding! Woo was so pose and beautiful yet super reckless; that’s what I loved about her character the most. Everyone was in this movie from LL Cool J to Dave Duane Martin.

Nigga moments: Can I just say, all the men in this movie define how simple-minded some men can be (yet hilarious). Darryl was Tim’s next door neighbor (played by LL Cool J). LL Cool J basically plays himself giving Tim terrible sex advice which is why the date started off horrible in the first place.  Tim’s friends were hounding over woman like 13 year old boys. Lenny who was one freaky chicken-loving fool, has his girlfriend wear a chicken outfit during sex. HILARIOUS!

My favorite character: Celestrial was my girl! She plays Woo’s psychic friend who inspires her to be open to love. The movie was very forward with it’s openness with gay and drag artists in late 90s.

Favorite parts and Lines: Yo! When HOP (Tim’s friend) went to the club thinking he was big pimping not knowing the girls were drag queens, I was done! That is the funniest part of the entire movie.

I swear BET’s Hell Date was modeled after this movie (dang ya’ll remember that?!) If you’ve never heard or seen of this movie is available for streaming now on Amazon Prime. It’s HOOD approved √

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