This film is so hilariously awkward and refreshing to romantic comedies. If this came out in 2018, the title alone would have soccer moms and Trump supporters across America screaming “reverse racism” *rolls eyes*. Starring Anthony Montgomery as Jay, a inconsistent black man who’s only dates white girls, decides to play “Project Brown Sugar” in order to find real love with a black women. After going on a series of dates, he ends up unexpectedly falling in love with a biracial girl who’s just as crazy and awkward as his black ass. But don’t get it twisted, in true fuck boy fashion, he basically almost ruins that relationship as well.  

Moral of the story, love has no color blah blah blah *que Michael Jackson’s Black or White*


My favorite character: I have to go with Jay. The things that come out his mouth made absolutely no sense but it’s hilarious. Anthony Montgomery was fantastic in this role.  

Favorite parts and Lines: Now mine you Jay is a very corny black man who can’t dance, at all. At his sister’s wedding inspired by his biracial girlfriend, he decides “I’m gonna kill ‘em with my dance moves today” Child, it was horrible! I cried laughing. Best way to end the movie.

Unfortunately this is one is pretty hard to find, you may have to dig through Amazon or a local indie movie store if that still exist somewhere. With multiple film festivals awards and positive reviews, It’s HOOD approved √